Employees Retraining Board

Consultative Document on the Future Directions for the Employees Retraining Board

Chairman's Foreword
Chapter 1 Current Functions and Roles of the Employees
Retraining Board
Chapter 2 Why do We Change ?
Chapter 3 Our Repositioning
Chapter 4 Key Objectives (I)

Strengthen research  Expand networks

Fortify recognition     Promote employment
Chapter 5 Key Objectives (II)

Provide optimal training    Enhance quality

Offer innovative services  Help people help themselves
Chapter 6 Key Objectives (III)

Invest in people       Construct learning pathways

Support enterprises  Create win-win situations
Chapter 7 Key Objectives (IV)

Promote self-actualization     Develop individuals' potentials

Be caring and understanding  Instil social harmony
Chapter 8 Management of the Employees Retraining Fund
Chapter 9 Invitation for Views
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