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The ERB Manpower Development Scheme (MDS) is employment-oriented and emphasises the participation of employers in recruiting our graduate trainees. In this light, the ERB is working closely with employers of different industries. Through the provision of various forms of employer services, the ERB assists employers to meet their recruitment and training needs while at the same time increase the employment opportunities of the graduate trainees. This is basically a win-win situation.


1. Job Matching and Referral Service


Appointed training bodies of the ERB offer graduate trainees of placement-tied courses a minimum of 3-month placement follow-up services. Employers who are interested to recruit graduate trainees of ERB courses can contact the placement officers of the training bodies direct for free referral services.

The ERB has established a computer networking system to maintain information of graduate trainees and job vacancies for job matching and referral services. Employers who wish to recruit graduate trainees of ERB courses can complete a Vacancy Registration Form (applicable to general vacancies only) and return it by fax to the ERB or the concerned training bodies. Placement officers of training bodies will follow-up and refer suitable candidates who possess the required work experience and skills level. To enhance the efficiency of the referral services, the computer networking system of the ERB is linked up with the corresponding system of Labour Department’s Job Centres to facilitate exchange of job vacancy information.


2. Industry Service Programme


To assist employers to meet their demand for considerable manpower, the ERB administers the "Industry Service Programme" to sponsor training bodies to organise industry promotion and recruitment activities. These activities highlight the prospects of industries, available vacancies, job requirements and promotion ladders and facilitate matching of graduate trainees of the ERB with vacancies offered by employers. Members of the public may obtain information on ERB courses and undertake on-site enrolment during these activities, facilitating them to enter industries with good potentials and to pursue continuous learning. The “Industry Service Programme” is also a platform for the ERB to maintain dialogue and interaction with employers and industries.

Appointed training bodies will assist employers in the planning, promotion and implementation of the promotion and recruitment activities. Employers are able to interview and select suitable graduate trainees of the ERB and other job seekers in the first instance.

Please refer to Chinese version for information on industry overview and relevant ERB training courses.


3. Tailor-made Programme


Employers or groups of employers that can offer 12 or more vacancies in a particular position which requires special skill sets not readily available from placement-tied courses of the ERB can apply for the organisation of a tailor-made course by the ERB. Through such tailor-made courses, the ERB provides a free one-stop service on recruitment, pre-employment training and post-employment follow up with a view to helping employers resolve their recruitment difficulties while at the same time enhancing the vocational skills and employment opportunities of the job seekers.

The ERB will work closely with training bodies to develop the course contents in line with the requirements of the employers. The ERB will also sponsor the cost of recruitment advertisements incurred by employers who make use of the programme for the first time. The training bodies will assist in the organisation of recruitment days and provide graduate trainees with placement follow up services to enhance job retention.

Employers are welcome to participate in developing the course and selecting trainees who meet the recruitment requirements.


4. ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme


The "ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme" was first launched in December 2009 to recognize organizations which demonstrate commitment and outstanding achievements in manpower training and development as "Manpower Developers" (MDs). The accreditation is conducive to corporate image, staff loyalty and attraction to talents. It also entitles MDs to some exclusive privileges.


5. "Smart Living" referral platform for domestic services


ERB has set up the "Smart Living" platform (formerly known as "The Integrated Scheme for Local Domestic Helpers") to provide free referral services for local "Smart Helpers" (formerly known as "Domestic Helpers") providing home, health (healthcare massage) and care services for domestic employers.