Employees Retraining Board

National Occupational Qualification Assessment


On 7 May 2007, the ERB entered into a cooperation agreement with the GuangDong Occupational Skill Testing Authority (GD-OSTA) to launch a pilot scheme of cooperation in Hong Kong on the National Occupational Qualification Assessment for Healthcare Massage and the Occupational Qualification Certificate.

This scheme provides ERB graduates from the Foundation Certificate in Healthcare Massage Course or relevant courses with one-stop service encompassing training, follow-up placement service and acquisition of professional qualifications of the Mainland. Its purpose is to enhance employment opportunities of ERB graduates of massage courses through widening their professional recognition.

Under the cooperation agreement, ERB graduates will be able to join the National Occupational Qualification Assessment and obtain the state-recognised occupational qualification without travelling to the Mainland. They will be assessed in a familiar environment that conduces to better performance. More importantly, this qualification will be a benchmark of their professional skills and enhance their employment opportunities in Hong Kong and on the Mainland.

The National Occupational Qualification Certificate System is an integral part of the labour and employment system of our country. Under this unique national assessment system, assessment authorities appointed by the Mainland Government will evaluate and assess the skills and qualifications of candidates in an objective, fair and scientific way based on the relevant national standards. Any candidate securing a pass will be awarded the National Occupational Qualification Certificate, an evidence of one’s knowledge and skills required in a particular field. On the Mainland, the National Occupational Qualification Certificate serves as the proof of qualification of job seekers, employees and business owners and the major reference for employers. It is also the proof of validated skills for overseas employment and foreign labour cooperation.

The Occupational Qualification Certificates are divided into five levels, namely Primary Skill (National Occupational Qualification Level 5), Medium Skill (National Occupational Qualification Level 4), Advanced Skill (National Occupational Qualification Level 3), Technicians (National Occupational Qualification Level 2) and Senior Technicians (National Occupational Qualification Level 1).

The National Occupational Qualification Certificate is a must for people in Hong Kong who would like to seek a job or set up a business in a particular field on the Mainland. No matter at home or abroad, it confers its holders with enhanced competitiveness and professional recognition.

The first healthcare massage assessment was held at the Practical Skills Training and Assessment Centre in June 2007. All ERB candidates performed well at the written and practical assessments conducted by professional assessors, and passed the prescribed standard.

In response to market demands, the ERB has also collaborated with the GD-OSTA to introduce the national occupational assessments at levels 4 and 5 for Beauticians, Chinese Cuisine Chefs, Dim Sum and Chinese Pastry Chefs, Chinese Roast Meat Chefs, Western Cuisine Chefs, Salesmen, Healthcare Masseurs and Logistics Practitioners to widen career opportunities for ERB trainees.