Employees Retraining Board

Applying to Become an Appointed Training Body

Training programmes under the Manpower Development Scheme at the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) are conducted by appointed Training Bodies listed in Schedule 2 of the Employees Retraining Ordinance. All Training Bodies are well experienced in adult education or vocational training, or possess employers’ network. Currently, there are over 800 courses being offered through a network of 101 Training Bodies at around 400 centres distributed throughout the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories. Besides training, these Training Bodies also provide career counseling services including job matching and placement referral for graduate trainees.

In response to the launching of Qualifications Register (QR) on 5 May 2008, most ERB courses have been accredited by the Hong Kong Council for Accreditation of Academic & Vocational Qualifications (HKCAAVQ) and uploaded onto the QR. To ensure that new Training Bodies possess the abilities to provide quality training and meet the quality assurance requirements of the Qualifications Framework, and that public funds are properly used, ERB requires all organizations interested in becoming our appointed Training Bodies to pass the Initial Evaluation conducted by the HKCAAVQ prior to the submission of applications (Please contact HKCAAVQ for the details of the applications for Initial Evaluation). Organizations are required to supply evidence indicating that they passed the Initial Evaluation when submitting applications for becoming our appointed Training Bodies.

Applications for becoming appointed Training Bodies will be vetted by the Quality Assurance and Review Committee (QARC) of the ERB. The QARC will consider the applications based on prescribed criteria including experiences of the organizations in adult education and vocational training, employers' network, potential contributions to the Manpower Development Scheme, etc. Applicants may at the same time submit new course proposals which will be vetted by the Course and Service Development Committee (CSDC) afterwards if their applications are successful. Applicants may be invited to attend Committee meeting(s) to introduce their proposals and answer possible enquiries of members. Proposals may need to be revised upon members’ advice.

After the applications are approved by the QARC, the applications will be submitted to the Board for confirmation. Once the applications have been confirmed, the Executive Office will initiate the gazette procedure. Organizations can apply for funding to pilot new training courses or bid for courses developed by the Executive Office only after the completion of the gazette procedure and signing of the Service Agreements.

In addition, Training Bodies are partners of the ERB, through the signing of a Service Agreement, the Training Bodies will acquire an understanding of the ERB finance and course administrative guidelines, key performance indicators and assessment systems, etc. The ERB will monitor the performances of the Training Bodies and the training courses regularly and conduct on-site inspections at the training centres to assess if the re-applications of the Training Bodies to provide training courses will be approved. If performances of any Training Bodies are found to be unsatisfactory, the ERB reserves the rights to suspend and terminate the provision of funding to them.

Organizations interested in finding out more about the application procedures and details of the vetting criteria are welcome to browse other sections of this website. If further information is required, please contact the Quality Enhancement Section at (852) 3129 1494.