Our professional team comprises a centre manager, two professional consultants, placement officers and supporting staff. One of the professional consultants is a registered nurse with more than 20 years’ ward experience in obstetrics and gynaecology, and the other consultant is an experienced post-natal care worker with over eight years of practical experience and had provided more than 40 times post-natal care services. The professional team commits to provide customer-oriented service to each and every employer and helper with professionalism and enthusiasm.

There are over 5,000 post-natal care helpers and infant and child care helpers who have completed the relevant training courses at your service. Click here to view the profile of some of the helpers.

To encourage postnatal care helpers and infant and child care helpers to provide quality service to employers, "Smart Baby Care" presents "Quality Service Award" to recognize helpers who frequently received "very satisfactory" comments from employes.

2015 Name List of Awardees
2014 Name List of Awardees

2015 Name List of Awardees

Name Helper No

Post-natal Care Helper

陳慧群 Chan Wai Kwan 72468
程結晶 Cheng Jiejing 876823
梁笑芳 Leung Siu Fong 290026
蘇燕眉 So Yin Mai Susanna 723294

Infant and Child Care Helper

鍾毓賢 Chung Yuk Yin 661861

2014 Name List of Awardees
(Post-natal Care Helper)

Name Helper No
程結晶 Cheng Jie Jing 876823
鄭淑玲 Cheng Suk Ling 218780
孫亞麗 Sun Ah Lai 396271
湯愛權 Tong Oi Kuen 2032