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ERB 25th Anniversary Closing Ceremony cum the 10th ERB “Manpower Development Scheme”Award Presentation Ceremony

The Employees Retraining Board (ERB) organised the ERB 25th Anniversary Closing Ceremony cum the 10th ERB “Manpower Development Scheme” Award Presentation Ceremony today (10 March 2018) at the Southorn Stadium in Wan Chai.  The officiating guests included the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr. Matthew Cheung Kin-chung, GBM, GBS, JP, the Secretary for Labour and Welfare, Dr. Law Chi-kwong, GBS, JP, the Commissioner for Labour, Mr. Carlson Chan Ka-shun, JP, the Chairman of ERB, Dr. William Leung Wing-cheung, SBS, JP, the Vice-chairman of ERB, Mr. Yu Pang-chun, SBS, JP and the Executive Director of ERB, Mr. Byron Ng Kwok-keung, BBS.  The event was attended by around 400 guests.

Addressing the ceremony, the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr. Matthew Cheung stressed the Government's commitment to developing a well-trained and adaptive workforce to meet the changing manpower demands of the economy and contribute to the overall competitiveness of Hong Kong.  As announced in the Chief Executive's 2017 Policy Address, the Commission for the Planning of Human Resources to be chaired by the Chief Secretary will consolidate the resources and efforts of the Government and various sectors, and collectively formulate, examine, co-ordinate and take forward policies on human resources in a holistic manner.  Mr Cheung hoped that the ERB will continue to assist in promoting training of local talent and support the newly-established high-level platform in mapping out the blueprint for Hong Kong's human resources planning.

The ERB Chairman Dr. William Leung said in his opening address that ERB has been standing shoulder to shoulder with Hong Kong people in overcoming various challenges in the past 25 years since its establishment, providing over 2.5 million training places. Under the policy objective of "Promoting Training and Fostering Employment", ERB now offers more than 700 training courses and administers three job referral platforms, namely "Smart Living", "Smart Baby Care" and "Smart Starter".  New initiatives including “First-Hire-Then-Train” Programme, “Modular Certificates Accumulation Scheme” and “Work Experience Activities” were launched to support social groups with special needs in particular.  In addition, ERB strives to develop its district networks by establishing 2 ERB Service Centres and 22 ERB Service Spots in different districts. Diverse information channels are also deployed to closely connect with the general public.

Dr. Leung also expressed his gratitude to Mr. Matthew Cheung for his unfailing support and encouragement rendered to ERB over the years, and to Dr. C. K. Law for his participation in the “VIP Trainee and Employee” Reality Show to take the lead in promoting continuous upgrading.  In 2017-18, ERB launched a series of promotional activities to commemorate its 25th Anniversary, including the “ERB Trainee Skills Contest”, “ERB Trainee Service Days” for hair dressing and massage, “We Love Upgrading Scheme”, “Promotion Contest”, “Electronic Supplement”, and “Reality Show” to step up the promotion of ERB courses and services.  Over 15,000 people participated in various activities and more than 2.5 million people learned about and “liked” these activities through online and social media.

As the finale of the 25th Anniversary, a number of ERB25 special awards were granted at the 10th “Manpower Development Scheme” ward Presentation Ceremony this year on top of the regular awards. Altogether 124 awards were presented to 39 employers, 24 training bodies and 14 instructors to acknowledge their invaluable support to ERB, and to 21 trainees for their commendable achievements in both personal and career fronts.  Dr. Leung described ERB as a “treasure mountain” with rich resources.  The success stories of award winning trainees clearly illustrated that those who attempted and worked hard would surely be loaded with rewards. 

Please refer to the Chinese press release for the award winning lists and information of selective awardees. 

Post Date:10/3/2018