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Offering training courses free of charge with no restriction on educational attainment to support continuous learning of new skills

ERB launches the “Love IT‧Upgrading Scheme”
Offering training courses free of charge with no restriction on educational attainment to support continuous learning of new skills

In line with the Government initiative to promote Hong Kong’s development as a smart city and to support the digital transformation of industries, the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) launches the “Love IT‧Upgrading Scheme” (the “Scheme”) from today (10 April 2024) till September 2024.  Over 50 training courses in innovation and technology are offered free of charge under the Scheme and there is no upper limit on the educational attainment for applicants, with a view to encouraging lifelong learning of new digital skills among the public and enhancing competitiveness in the workplace.

The training courses offered under the Scheme span across domains of “New Digital Skills” and “Technology Applications in Industries”.  “New Digital Skills” training courses cover various areas of knowledge and applications in artificial intelligence, blockchain technology, cloud computing and data analytics; robotic process automation; virtual reality application development, Python web framework and mobile application development; and creative digital media design, etc.  For “Technology Applications in Industries”, the training courses on offer cover areas of building information modelling (BIM), practical skills for energy efficiency of building services installation, 3D computer-aided drafting (SketchUp) for construction, online business, social media and digital marketing, and 3D printing technology, etc.

There is no upper limit imposed on educational attainment of trainees under the Scheme (subject to fulfillment of the entry requirements of individual courses).  Interested persons may submit applications from today till 30 September 2024, and attend the courses on or before 31 December 2024.  The Scheme covers designated placement-tied courses and non-placement-tied courses (including skills upgrading courses and generic skills courses).  Eligible applicants can enrol in no more than two full-time placement-tied courses, and non-placement-tied courses for a total of no more than 150 hours within one year.

ERB is committed to developing training courses in line with market and new skills needs, and a range of innovation and technology-related courses are provided in recent years, supporting members of the public in navigating the digital transformation of industries and embracing new work approaches.

ERB graduate, Tse Chun-lai, who studied business intelligence and analytics in university, has always been fond of software and programming development.  In 2021, he enrolled in the “Certificate in Software and Artificial Intelligence Application Developer Training” course (Youth Training Course) under the “Love Upgrading Special Scheme” to acquire relevant knowledge and skills.  Currently, he is working in a telecommunications company rendering technical support services.  He expressed that the ERB course equipped him with practical knowledge in software and programming which enabled him to apply what he learned at work.  He plans to pursue further study to enhance his professional skills in the future.

Another ERB graduate, Lau Hon-pan, who completed the “Certificate in Backend Web Developer” course in 2022, has embarked on a career in website development.  He has a keen interest in web developing works, and likes to keep acquiring new knowledge online.  He appreciates the systematic skills training provided by the ERB course which furnished him with a solid professional foundation in website development.  As technological advancement continues to accelerate, he believes that continuous learning and upskilling are essential for practitioners to remain competitive and keep pace with industry changes.

For more details, please visit the Scheme’s website ( or call ERB hotline 182 182 for any enquiries.

Post Date:10/4/2024