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Series of online and district activities in March to engage the community

ERB strengthens support to encourage job-related retraining
Series of online and district activities in March to engage the community

In line with the Government’s policy measures on human resources and development of the labour market, the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) is committed to promoting retraining by offering diversified vocational training courses, support services and activities, with a view to encouraging members of the public to undertake retraining and enter the employment market, contributing to the local workforce.

ERB provides placement-tied courses straddling 28 industries to encourage members of the public to enrol in training and join the workforce.  In response to the “2022 Policy Address”, ERB has reviewed the disbursement arrangement of retraining allowance and will raise the daily rate of allowance for placement-tied courses commencing on or after 1 March 2023.  Under the new arrangement, the daily rate of retraining allowance provided for placement-tied courses lasting seven days or more (except “Youth Training Programme” courses) will be increased to $241 (on a basis of two sessions a day) and the halfday allowance will be $120.5 (on a basis of one session a day); while the daily rate of retraining allowance for Youth Training Programme” courses will be increased to $121. 

To strengthen the support for young people and members of the public to participate in training, ERB will organise an array of online and district activities in March 2023.  The “Youth Training and Career GPS@ERB” to be held on 17 and18 March 2023 features a series of online activities and physical taster courses to help young people understand more about industry trends and related jobs, as well as skills training and employment opportunities in planning for future learning and career directions.  Young people are welcome to register online.  ERB will also organise the “ERB 30” Roving Exhibition at MOSTown in Ma On Shan on 11 and 12 March and subsequently at Domain Mall in Yau Tong on 25 and 26 March 2023 to provide information on ERB courses and services to the public. Skills demonstrations and experiential activities, as well as course enrolment service will be provided onsite. Members of the public are welcome to visit the exhibitions.

ERB will continue to offer some 700 training courses in 2023-24, including placement-tied courses pertaining to in-demand vocational skills and catering for the training needs of young people, covering industry categories of innovation and technology application, catering and tourism, healthcare services, etc. Such courses will cover areas of Python web framework development and data analysis, virtual reality application development, training of featured cafe operation assistant, community docent, as well as instructors for elder learners.  The placement-tied courses for young people aim at equipping trainees with industry knowledge and skills, as well as developing personal attributes and job search skills essential for seeking employment.

For information of ERB courses, services and activities, please visit ERB website ( or call ERB hotline 182 182; for details and registration of the “Youth Training and Career GPS@ERB”, please visit the dedicated website (

Post Date:27/2/2023