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Further Suspension of Courses till 1 March 2020 and Provision of Limited Basic Services by ERB

In response to the latest situation of the novel coronavirus infection, the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) announces that the ERB courses, services and trainee activities will be further suspended up to 1 March 2020, with a view to stepping up the safeguard of the health of trainees, staff of training bodies and the general public.  Meanwhile, ERB will continue to provide basic and limited services for public members in need.

ERB indicates that the aforementioned measures will be applicable to all ERB full-time and part-time courses.  Subject to special circumstances, training bodies may notify the concerned trainees separately.  The “ERB Service Centre”, 37 “ERB Service Spots”, Regional Service Centres of “Smart Living”, “Smart Baby Care” and “Smart Starter” will be temporarily closed till 1 March 2020, during which, the face-to-face training consultancy service and all activities of the “ERB Service Centre”, “ERB Service Spots”, “Smart Living”, “Smart Baby Care” and “Smart Starter” will also be temporarily suspended.  Moreover, the ERB “Practical Skills Training and Assessment Centre” (PSTAC) will also suspend the skills assessment service till 1 March 2020, and details on re-scheduling of assessment arrangement will be announced separately.

Meanwhile, online booking of the training consultancy service and video conferencing training consultancy service as well as the online vacancy registration service of “Smart Living” and “Smart Baby Care” will remain in normal operation.  The ERB office located at Siu Sai Wan and the ERB hotline 182 182, “Smart Living”, “Smart Baby Care” and “Smart Starter” will also provide basic and limited services.  The operating hours of the ERB office and hotline are between 9am to 4pm from Monday to Friday.

ERB will closely monitor the latest development of the novel coronavirus infection and announce any subsequent arrangements when needed.

Should trainees and members of the public have any enquiries on the arrangements of training courses, services and trainee activities, please contact respective training bodies, operators of different service platforms or PSTAC; or call ERB hotline 182 182 or visit the ERB website: to learn the latest arrangements or contact information of training bodies.

Post Date:3/2/2020