“Course Search” User Guide

After registration as website users, ERB trainees can login to the website, select “Course Search” from the top menu to search and browse up-to-date information of training courses by different searching criteria.
In the “Course Search” page, users can use either the “Quick Search” function or the “Searching Criteria” function to search for courses.
When using the “Quick Search” function, users can select “New Course” or “Coming Class” and then click Search to search for courses.
Users can also enter keywords such as “Beauty”, “Security”, “Massage”, etc. in the “Keyword Search” field and then click Search to search for courses.
“New Course” and “Coming Class” are popular searching criteria that facilitate users to quickly search for related course information.
Users can search for specific training courses by applying different “Searching Criteria”, such as “Industry Category”, “Location of Training Centre”, “Training Body”, “Qualification Requirement”, “Tentative Class Commencement Date”, “Course Type”, “Course Mode”, “Qualifications Framework Level”, etc.
Red error message will be shown for incomplete or invalid entries. Please rectify the information as indicated and click Search to search for courses.
“Location of Training Centre” is a popular searching criteria that facilitates users to search for courses offered at their preferred locations.
All courses that match the searching criteria will be displayed in a table in the “Search Result” page. Click Details to view comprehensive course information.
In the “Course Details” page, users can view comprehensive course information, including “Course Type”, “Industry Category”, “Course Duration”, “Course Mode”, “Course Fee”, “Training Body and Contact Information”, “Class Schedule”, “Details of Accredited Programme”, etc.
Click View to download the “Course Outline” and view the “Course Objective”, “Entry Requirements”, “Course Content”, “Course Assessment”, etc.
Users can click Apply to submit online course application (only applicable to courses open for online application) or Download the course application form. The completed application form with relevant supporting documents should be submitted to the respective Training Body in person or by post.
“Related Job Vacancy” will be displayed at the bottom of the “Course Details” page for users to learn about the employment market. Click Detils to view comprehensive job vacancy information, including “Job Title”, “Working Location”, “Job Duties”, “Requirements”, “Terms of Employment”, “Application Method”, etc.
Users can Save, Print or Share the course information with others by clicking respective buttons at the bottom of the page.
Users can browse and manage the saved course information in the “Courses Saved” section under the “My Courses” page.