Benefits of Participation

Organisations joining the Scheme will be entitled to:

  • Self-assessment - organisations can make reference to the assessment criteria and training and developmental activities detailed in the application form for review and evaluation of the effectiveness of their own strategies and practices.
  • Professional assessment - all applications will be assessed by the Technical Consultant. Organisations that have completed the two-stage assessment will receive an independent assessment report as a preliminary reference on their performance and as a target for continuous improvement.

Organisations recognised as MDs will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Reinforcement of corporate image - MDs are authorised to use the “Super MD” logo or MD logo in recognition of their achievements in manpower training and development during the validity period. The accreditation is conducive to corporate image, staff loyalty and attraction to talents. Corporate goodwill will also be further enhanced through participating in promotion and employer activities of the Scheme.
  • Cross-industry sharing - through participating in interactive exchange and employer activities, MDs can share with other organisations practical experience, market information and latest trends in manpower training and development.
  • Market information - By consolidating MDs’ performance data of the four assessment categories including “Leading a Learning Culture”, “Resources Planning”, “Training and Development System” and “Performance Management” on a biennial basis, the ERB will compile and disseminate a Benchmarking Report for each MD on its performance against the benchmarks.
  • ERB information - MDs can receive first-hand information of ERB courses and services. Their staff can enrol the courses and make use of the services to enhance on-the-job knowledge and skills.