Benefits for Organisations

  • Self-assessment – organisations can make reference to the assessment criteria and training and developmental activities detailed in the application form for review and evaluation of their own strategies and practices.
  • Professional assessment – the independent assessment report prepared by the Technical Consultant provides information to organisations seeking to devise sustainable development goals.
  • Reinforcing corporate image – the accreditation during the two-year validity period is conducive to corporate image and attraction to talent.
  • Cross-industry sharing – through participating in ERB’s employer activities and projects, MDs can exchange with other organisations practical experience, market information, and the latest trends and updates in training.
  • Market information – by consolidating MDs’ performance data on a biennial basis, ERB will compile and disseminate a Benchmarking Report for MD’s reference.
  • ERB information – MDs can receive first-hand information of ERB courses, employer services and dedicated activities.