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Services for Small and Medium Enterprises

The Employees Retraining Board (ERB) is working closely with employers of different industries. Through the provision of various forms of employer services, the ERB assists employers to meet their recruitment, training and manpower development needs while at the same time increase the employment opportunities of the graduate trainees. The ERB Employer Services are offered in two categories for "General Enterprises" and "Small and Medium Enterprises" 1.

1 Enterprises of manufacturing industries employing less than 100 persons in Hong Kong, or enterprises of non-manufacturing industries employing less than 50 persons in Hong Kong. 


Service Target

All SMEs in Hong Kong


Service Scope


  • Online Recruitment Service – employers can register as user of ERB website free-of-charge, upload vacancies for browsing by registered trainees and Training Bodies.  Employers can also return the completed Vacancy Registration Form to the ERB.
  • Job Matching Service – employers already registered as user of ERB website can search for courses to be completed soon, and directly contact the relevant Training Bodies to recruit trainees.  Other employers can contact placement teams of appointed Training Bodies for recruitment.
  • Tailor-made Programme – canvassing sufficient job vacancies and providing pre-employment training and placement follow-up services. Employers that offer 12 or more vacancies in a particular position which requires special skill sets not readily available from placement-tied courses of the ERB can return the completed Tailor-made Course Employer Application Form to the ERB.


  • SME Taster Course – highlighting ERB course contents in a taster course for free attendance of SME employers and employees.
  • Enterprise-based Training Scheme – providing on-the-job training for serving employees on enterprise or business association basis. Employers can refer to the leaflet (in Chinese only) (image version / transcript) for details or contact the appointed Training Bodies directly for application.
  • SME Workshop – arranging veteran professionals to share best practices and real-life experience in manpower training and development for broadening management vision.
  • SME Mentorship Programme – one-on-one mentorship offering professional advice and experience sharing as regards manpower training and development.


  • ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme – recognising organisations with outstanding achievements in manpower training and development, enhancing corporate image and staff loyalty.
  • Employer Newsletter – providing up-to-date information of the ERB including latest courses, recruitment and promotional activities, to keep enterprises abreast of the development of the employment market.



Email: sme@erb.org