Recruiting Helpers

Points to note

Employer who registers a vacancy for the first time is required to submit an address proof. Please prepare the address proof (e.g. water/ electricity/ town gas/ telephone bills or bank statement) issued within the recent 3 months with name and address identical to those entered in the vacancy registration form.

Fill out the Vacancy Registration Form

Referral Process

  1. Receive phone call from the "Smart Living – Regional Service Centre" (RSC) to confirm the registration details one working day after submitting the completed Vacancy Registration Form;
  2. Vacancy information will be shown on the “ERB Helper App” for search and application by helpers;
  3. When application from the helper is received, the employer will receive SMS / phone call regarding the contact phone number of the helper referred. The employer can contact the helper direct to discuss job details;
  4. In case no application is received 3 working days upon confirmation of the registration, the employer will receive SMS / phone call from the RSC for consideration of revising the working terms.