Workshops on Vocational Skills

“Workshops on Vocational Skills” – All new arrivals are welcome! New arrivals can register with the “Smart Starter” service upon completion of the workshops

A series of “Workshops on Vocational Skills” will be offered by the “Smart Starter” for all new arrivals aged 15 or above with an education attainment at sub-degree or below, and who have been residing in Hong Kong for less than 7 years. Each workshop will last for around 3 hours. The workshops shall cover topics including vocational skills of various industries (such as retail, catering, beauty and property management industries) and generic skills (such as English, Cantonese, computer applications and interview skills).

Upon completion of any one workshop, new arrivals can register with the “Smart Starter” with effect from 1 April 2017 to enjoy the free part-time job referral and follow up services.

Upcoming “Workshops on Vocational Skills” (Chinese version only)