Employers of all trades and sectors are welcome to register as users of the “Smart Starter”, upload part-time job vacancies for application by the registered new arrival and mature trainees. All the services are provided free of charge.

1. Post Vacancies

Employers can expand their recruitment channels by providing part-time job vacancies to the “Smart Starter” for application by registered new arrival and mature trainees.

2. Job Matching

Referring suitable trainees according to the job requirements of the employers.

3. Professional Follow-up

Experienced placement team will follow up on the work progress of the trainees after placement.

4. Retention Support

Support and counseling services will be provided to trainees with difficulties at workplace. The placement team will communicate with employers when appropriate to help the trainees sustain in employment.

5. Skill Enhancement

All staff placed by the “Smart Starter” can participate in workshops and mutual support groups for continuous training and skills upgrading.

6. Market Updates

Registered employers will receive regular updates on courses, recruitment and promotional activities of the ERB so as to keep abreast of the latest development of the labour market.

7. Corporate Social Responsibility

Employers can fulfill their corporate social responsibilities and enhance their corporate images by employing the new arrivals and mature persons, and assisting them to land on jobs and integrate into society.

To register with the “Smart Starter”, employers should accept the terms and conditions of the “Smart Starter” service.

For domestic employers who wish to recruit helpers to provide services on household cleaning, elderly/patient care or massage, please contact “Smart Living”. For domestic employers who wish to recruit post-natal care or infant or child care workers, please contact “Smart Baby Care”.

Register Part-time Job Vacancies

Employers can register part-time job vacancies with the “Smart Starter” through the following channels: