Job Referrals

1. Referral of Part-time Jobs

Disseminating information of part-time job vacancies to trainees through various channels such as telephone calls, emails and websites, and referring suitable vacancies according to their expectations.

Employment Support and Follow-up

2. Job Search Support

Assisting trainees in job application, preparing resumes and improving interviewing skills.

3. Career Counseling

Providing advices to trainees with difficulties in job search or at work.

4. Employment Follow up

Following up on the work progress of the trainees, and communicating with the employers when appropriate to help the trainees sustain in employment.

Value-added Services

5. Workshops

Organising “Workshops on Vocational Skills” and other different topics on regular basis to encourage trainees to pursue continuous training, so as to adapt to local culture and enhance job skills.

6. Mutual Support Groups

Organising mutual support groups regularly for trainees to share their experience in overcoming difficulties and settling down in their jobs, and to promote mutual support and encouragement.

7. Community Resources Information Services

Introducing to the trainees the available community resources, including “Work Incentive Transport Subsidy Scheme” and community day child care services, etc., and assisting those in need to apply for such assistance.