Free Enrolment for ERB Courses in June to September 2019

The Employees Retraining Board (ERB) launched the “We Love Upgrading Scheme” in 2017 and “Love Upgrading in June” Scheme in 2018 for eligible employees in Hong Kong to enrol in ERB courses free of charge for continuous learning and skills enhancement. Due to overwhelming response, ERB launches the “Post-50 Love Upgrading Scheme” in 2019. People aged 50 or above* can enrol in one half-day or evening “Skills Upgrading Scheme Plus” Course or Generic Skills Training Course free of charge from 1 June to 30 September 2019, and attend the course on or before 31 March 2020.

* Generally refers to eligible employees in Hong Kong with educational attainment at sub-degree level or below. Applications of persons with higher level of educational attainment will be considered with flexibility.

“Post-50” refers to people aged 50 or above. Being passionate learners and responsible employees, they are valuable human resources.


“Skills Upgrading Scheme Plus” Courses

Vocational training straddling different industries are provided with an aim at enhancing the competency of trainees and fostering their attainment of multi-dimensional skills.

Generic Skills Training Courses

Training on cross-industry foundation skills (Basic English, Vocational Cantonese and Putonghua, Workplace Chinese, and IT Applications) and personal attributes are provided with an aim at assisting trainees to acquire recognised qualifications and enhancing their competitiveness.


For scheme details, admission criteria, application procedure, course content and entry requirements of individual courses, please call ERB Hotline 182 182 or contact the training bodies.

Please click here for "Post-50 Love Upgrading Scheme" - Course Application Guidelines and ERB Course Application Form.