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ERB welcomes the Policy Address

The Employees Retraining Board (ERB) welcomes the initiatives to strengthen training and promote re-employment proposed by the Chief Executive in the 2023 Policy Address announced today (25 October 2023), including increasing the monthly retraining allowance, rolling out of a pilot scheme with pre-employment training and employment support services, as well as the recommendation to undertake a comprehensive review of the service scope, training strategies and operation mode of ERB, with a view to unleashing more potential labour force, creating high- quality employment opportunities and catering for the needs of our workers.

In line with Hong Kong’s development needs, ERB provides an array of market-oriented training courses and services geared for enhancing the competitiveness of the local workforce.  ERB is arranging for the legislative amendment of the Employees Retraining Ordinance in relation to revising the maximum amount of retraining allowance payable monthly from $5,800 to $8,000. The new maximum amount of retraining allowance is expected to take effect in the first quarter of 2024 after the completion of the legislative amendment, further encouraging members of the public to participate in training and enter the employment market.  ERB will also step up collaboration with employers to launch a pilot training and employment support scheme to provide training programme with a seamless line-up of pre-employment training, placement service and on-the-job training, so as to mobilise the latent workforce to engage in training and tap opportunities in industries with keen manpower demand.

Mr. YU Pang-chun, Chairman of ERB said, “Lifelong learning and continuous upskilling of the local workforce play a vital role in enhancing human capital, thereby supporting the sustainable development of Hong Kong.  ERB fully supports the various initiatives announced in the Policy Address to promote talent training.  As set out in the Policy Address, ERB is invited to conduct a thorough review on the service scope, training strategies and operation mode of its retraining services.  The findings of the review will have a substantial impact on the longer term planning of local manpower training and development.  ERB will swiftly take forward the review exercise and maintain close communication with stakeholders, while keeping a keen eye on the manpower market and new skills needs to ensure practical proposals be explored in alignment with Hong Kong’s economic and manpower development needs.  We aim at submitting our proposal to the government in the third quarter of 2024, with a view to promoting continuous learning and upskilling among the public, nurturing talent and boosting human capital of Hong Kong.

In 2023-24, ERB provides some 700 training courses straddling 28 industries in response to market and manpower demands of society.  We also provide dedicated training courses and services for specific service targets, including the young people, women, “Post-50” (people aged 50 or above) and ethnic minorities, etc. to help mobilise the latent workforce in our society.  By upholding our guiding objectives of “Strengthening Training, Embracing Technology and Facilitating Employment” as well as offering training services attuned to market needs, ERB will continue to upskill the workforce and nurture talent for industries and society.

Post Date:25/10/2023