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Technical Advisors


With the re-positioning of the Employees Retraining Board (ERB), our training services are more diversified and better geared with the needs of our wide-ranging clientele. To ensure that our courses cater timely for market changes and industry needs, the ERB has engaged the services of veteran practitioners in different industries in the capacity as Technical Advisors since 2008. Technical Advisors offer professional input to the course development and quality assurance work of the ERB, and their advice and support to the ERB have been very useful.

Responsibilities of Technical Advisors

  • To review training materials, assessment questions and examination papers of training courses, and to give advice on course revisions;
  • To attend meetings with training bodies, ERB staff and other stakeholders to give advice on course development and quality assurance;
  • To advise on the course design of new course proposals;
  • To examine training equipment and to advise on the arrangement of training facilities and other training resources; and
  • To observe practical assessments of designated courses. 
Please click here for viewing the list of appointed Technical Advisors. (Consent regarding disclosure of information listed on this webpage has been obtained from the respective Technical Advisors.)

Joining Our Team of Technical Advisors

To ensure acceptability and professionalism, Technical Advisors of the ERB are generally expected to:

  • possess a recognised degree in related disciplines (depending on the nature and practical needs of the industry, the requirements on academic qualification may be flexibly adjusted);
  • be veteran practitioners serving or have previously served in the relevant industry (have a minimum of 10 years' relevant working experience in the industry, with no less than five years of which at supervisory level);
  • preferably have training / teaching experience in the related subject or the relevant industry;
  • preferably have experience in accreditation / audit / vocational assessment.
The ERB would like to invite veteran practitioners in various industries to join our team of Technical Advisors. Please click here for the list of courses, categorised by industries, offered by the ERB.

Interested parties wishing to join the ERB as Technical Advisors, please click here for downloading the application form.