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Transportation & Support Services


Target participants of the "Hire and Train" Scheme (the "Scheme") are those who are middle-aged and unemployed (including homemakers), seeking employment through training. Under the "Scheme", hired trainees will receive relevant training on the basic knowledge of tunnel traffic management and first-aid skills during working hours within the employment period. Upon completion of the designated course, hired trainees will receive on-the-job practical training at designated locations by the employer. Upon passing the relevant practical assessment and obtaining the first-aid certificate, hired trainees will meet the stipulated requirements by the Transport Department for being Traffic Officers (Tunnel).


Content of the "Scheme"

Under the “Scheme”, an appointed training body of the ERB (HKCT Group Limited) will arrange on-the-job training for trainees, while the employer (Chun Wo Tunnel Management Company Limited) will recruit and arrange 20 Traffic Officers (Trainee) for training.   



Appointment terms of the target job set out by the participating employer under the "Scheme" are as follows:

Post title:

Traffic Officer (Trainee)

Entry requirements:

•   Hold a valid Hong Kong full driving licence (first class); and

•   Pass the Chinese written test (applicants with Primary 6 qualification or above can be exempted)

Appointment period:

1. Traffic Officer (Trainee) stage: One-month probation period, beginning from the first day of the training ^. Hired trainees will receive basic theoretical training (about 22 days) offered by HKCT Group Limited. After passing the assessment of the theoretical training, the employer will further provide a 7-day Traffic Officer (Tunnel) practical training for the hired trainees.

^Remarks: The start date of the appointment period will be the same as the start date of the “Scheme”.

2. Appointed as Traffic Officer (Tunnel) (on continuous appointment)*: Hired trainees who have completed and passed the above basic theoretical training and its assessment, and subsequently fulfilled the 7-day practical training and assessment requirement from the employer will be appointed as Traffic Officer (Tunnel).

*Remarks: As hired trainees must possess the first-aid certificate to fulfill the stipulated requirement by the Transport Department to be Traffic Officer (Tunnel), hired trainees must obtain the first-aid certificate within 3 months upon their successful appointment as Traffic Officer (Tunnel).


Traffic Officer (Trainee) Stage:
•   Approximately $9,680 ($55/hour and subject to the actual number of training days)

Appointed as Traffic Officer (Tunnel):
•   Basic monthly salary of $15,000
•   Medical benefits, year-end performance-based bonus, free meals, typhoon working allowance, 1.5 times pay of overtime work, training allowance, birthday offer, annual leave, etc.

Working hours:

      Traffic Officer (Trainee) Stage:
      •   (Monday to Friday) 9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 5 pm (lunch hour: 1 pm to 2 pm)

      Appointed as Traffic Officer (Tunnel):
      •   48 hours a week; shift duty is required

      Working location:

      Lion Rock, Kai Tak or Tseung Kwan O-Lam Tin Tunnel

      Incentives for retention:

      1. Special Bonus

      •  Special bonus of $10,000: The hired trainees who have completed the training with pass, and have obtained the first-aid certificate and have been appointed as Traffic Officer (Tunnel) for 3 months, $5,000 bonus will be given together with the payroll in the 4th month after successful appointment as Traffic Officer (Tunnel). Another $5,000 bonus will be given together with the payroll in the 7th month after successful appointment for 6 months.


      2. The Employment Programme for the Elderly and Middle-aged ("the Programme") by the Labour Department: Eligible employees^ (If applicable) will receive the full allowance from “the Programme” through the employer.

      3. Training allowance of up to $8,000 for taking the course and driving test for obtaining the Heavy Goods Vehicle driving licence (Class code 19)

      ^After being successfully appointed as Traffic Officer (Tunnel), trainees aged 40 to 59 and aged 60 or above have to complete 6 and 12 months on-the-job training respectively under The Employment Programme for the Elderly and Middle-aged (EPEM). If trainees aged 60 or above, after being successfully appointed as Traffic Officer (Tunnel), completed 6 but less than 12 months on-the-job training, the allowance will be granted on pro-rata basis. Relevant up-to-date information from Labour Department shall prevail.

      Remarks: For appointment terms, please refer to the final announcement of the employer.


      "and Train"

      Hired trainees will be arranged to attend the “Foundation Certificate in Knowledge of Tunnel Traffic Supervision (Part-Time)” (156 hours) offered by ERB. Upon successful completion of the above course, trainees will be awarded graduation certificate. Thereafter, the employer will provide the hired trainees with on-site practical training at designated locations. After passing the relevant practical assessment and obtaining the first-aid certificate, hired trainees will meet the requirements stipulated by the Transport Department for being Traffic Officers (Tunnel).

      (The training will be conducted in Cantonese.)



      For details of the briefing and recruitment day, the "Scheme", and the application procedures, please contact ERB at 182 182 or HKCT Group Limited at 2711 9820 directly.