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Continuous Skills Upgrading Certification Scheme


To encourage serving employees to pursue lifelong learning and continuous improvement, and equip themselves with skills other than their own specialty.



Trainees are eligible to apply for a "Certificate for Continuous Skills Upgrading" upon successful completion of three Skills Upgrading courses under the same industry category within a two-year period. Trainees should apply for the Certificate within 6 months after the completion of the last course.


Industry Categories Covered by the Continuous Skills Upgrading Certification Scheme  

  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Business
  • Import & Export
  • Logistics
  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Tourism
  • Transportation & Support Services
  • Retail
  • Catering
  • Beauty Therapy
  • Hairdressing
  • Property Management & Security
  • Domestic Services
  • Chinese Healthcare
  • Social Services
  • Education & Recreation
  • Watch & Jewellery
  • Printing & Publishing
  • Construction & Renovation
  • Electrical & Mechanical Services
  • Wearing Apparel & Textile



For further information and application procedures of the Continuous Skills Upgrading Certification Scheme, please contact the Employees Retraining Board at 182 182 or our Training Bodies.