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Courses for Special Service Targets

Placement-tied and non-placement-tied courses are offered. These courses aim at providing training and employment services to assist the special service targets, including new arrivals, persons with disabilities and persons recovered from work injuries, ethnic minorities, rehabilitated ex-drug abusers and ex-offenders, to integrate into the society and achieve self-reliance. Dedicated courses for the special service targets cover vocational and professional education and training, generic skills training and career planning.


Training Courses for Ethnic Minorities

The Employees Retraining Board (ERB) is dedicated to assist eligible employees in Hong Kong of non-Chinese origin, in particular the ethnic minorities, to broaden their opportunities through the provision of suitable training and employment services. These dedicated services assist them to integrate into the society, and strive for the well-being of themselves and their families.

The ERB also subsidies Training Bodies to develop supplementary training materials and provide learning support services. It facilitates the ethnic minorities who can speak and comprehend Cantonese to attend other ordinary training courses for the general public. Please click here for the ERB courses.   

Please click here for the Course Prospectus.  


The existing and planned measures of the ERB on the promotion of equality for the ethnic minorities in different languages are listed as below.

Annual statistics of Interpretation and Translation services arranged in 2023-24:

The ERB issues leaflet in English and eight ethnic minority languages to foster awareness of the ethnic minorities to the available training opportunities as below. 


Course Fee and Allowance

Full-time placement-tied courses targeted at the unemployed are offered free of any charge and retraining allowance is payable to trainees satisfying the eligibility criteria. Non placement-tied courses have stipulated course fees but people with nil or low income can apply for fee waiver or fee subsidies. Applicants should refer to the latest Course Prospectus for detailed information on retraining allowance and course fee.

For enquiries, please contact the ERB through its Hotline 182 182, by fax 2369 8322, or by email