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Target Group 

All eligible employees in Hong Kong (including new arrivals) aged 15 or above and with educational attainment of sub-degree or below can enrol in training courses of the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) offered by the appointed Training Bodies.



The objectives of training courses of the ERB are to assist our service targets to re-enter the employment market upon completion of training, to sustain in their new posts, and to move up their career ladders.


Service Approach

The training courses of the ERB adopts a total approach in offering services to our service targets. The services include employment counseling, training courses, referral services and placement follow-up services.


Training Courses

The ERB offers a wide variety of training courses to eligible employees in Hong Kong, including:


Course Fee

Placement-tied courses targeted at the unemployed are offered free of any charge. Non-placement-tied courses are fee charging and fees payable are based on the amounts stipulated at the time of application. Applicants with nil income or monthly income at or below $14,000 can apply for course fee waiver. Applicants with monthly income higher than $14,000 can apply for course fee subsidies. "Highly Subsidised Fee" and "Normal Subsidised Fee" of individual courses will be payable respectively by applicants with monthly income between $14,001 and $22,000 and those with monthly income above $22,000. 


Retraining Allowance

Trainees attending placement-tied courses with duration of seven days or more and fulfilling the stipulated eligibility criteria, including attaining an attendance rate of 80% or above, can apply for retraining allowance. For details on the eligibility criteria and the amounts of retraining allowance, please refer to the latest issue of Course Prospectus or consult the Training Bodies concerned.


Placement Services for Trainees

Appointed Training Bodies of the ERB offer employment counseling and referral services to all trainees who have attained an attendance rate of at least 80% in the placement-tied courses. Placement officers of the Training Bodies provide vacancy information and refer suitable vacancies to trainees according to their experience, skills, aptitudes and job expectations.