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Services for Employers

The Employees Retraining Board (ERB) works closely with employers of different industries. Through the provision of various forms of employer services, ERB assists employers to meet their training and manpower development needs while increasing the employment opportunities of graduate trainees.


Service Scope


  • On-the-job Training Services – employees can enrol in ERB half-day or evening courses, including  Skills Upgrading Courses or Generic Skills Courses, to enhance their job skills.

  • Enterprise-based Training Scheme – assists employers in providing on-the-job training for serving employees on enterprise or business association basis with a view to enhancing employees’ industry knowledge as well as generic skills.

  • Workshops / Seminars – arrange veteran professionals to share best practices and real-life experience in manpower training and development for broadening management vision.

  • SME Taster Course – highlights ERB course contents in a taster course for free attendance of SME employers and employees.



  • Online Employment Service Platform – employers can register as service users and upload vacancies to the platform for searching and viewing by registered trainees and Training Bodies. 
  • Job Matching Service – employers who registered as service users of the Online Employment Service Platform can search for courses to be completed soon, and directly contact relevant Training Bodies to recruit trainees or contact placement teams of appointed Training Bodies for recruitment.
  • Tailor-made Programme – Employers that offer 12 or more vacancies in a particular position which requires special skill sets not included in placement-tied courses of ERB can apply for "Tailor-made Programme". ERB will provide recruitment, pre-employment training and placement follow-up services to the employers under the programme.



  • ERB Manpower Developer Award Scheme – recognises organisations with outstanding achievements in manpower training and development as “Manpower Developer”, conducive to building corporate image and attracting talent.
  • Employer Newsletter – provides up-to-date information about ERB’s  latest courses, recruitment and promotional activities, to keep enterprises abreast of the development of manpower training and employment.
  • Industry Promotion - invites industry representatives to participate in “Career Talks for Schools”, co-organise “Enterprise Visits” and work experience activities to share insights on industry prospects and entry requirements among youth and service segments.
  • "Post-50 Internship Programme" – invites enterprises to offer short-term internship vacancies for people aged 50 or above to equip them with necessary skills for re-entering the workplace, thereby make contribution to the labour force and society.





Video of "ERB Industry Collaboration and Employer Services"  (In Chinese only)

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