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Membership of Employees Retraining Board:


  • Mr. YU Pang-chun, GBS, JP


  • Professor Simon WONG Kit-lung, BBS, JP

Employers' Representatives

  • Ms. Cally CHAN Shan-shan, MH
  • Mrs. Susan SO CHAN Wai-hang, SBS
  • Ms. Phoebe TSE Siu-ling
  • Dr Hon Johnny NG Kit-chong, MH

Employees' Representatives

  • Mr. CHENG Ching-fat
  • Mr. Joe CHU Yin-cheong
  • Hon LAM Chun-sing
  • Mr. LI Wing-foo

Persons connected with Vocational Training and Retraining or Manpower Planning

  • Ms. Christina CHAN Shuk-han
  • Professor Chetwyn CHAN Che-hin
  • Ms. Margaret CHENG Wai-ching, JP
  • Mr. Donald TONG Chi-keung, GBS (Executive Director of the Vocational Training Council)

Government Representatives

  • Ms. Alice LAU Yim, JP (Permanent Secretary for Labour and Welfare)
  • Commissioner for Labour