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The Employees Retraining Board (ERB) is a statutory body established in 1992 under the Employees Retraining Ordinance. The ERB co-ordinates, funds and monitors training courses and services that are market-driven and employment-oriented so as to meet the changing needs of the employment market. The ERB has appointed about 80 Training Bodies with around 400 training centres across the territory to provide training courses and services. The ERB offers around 700 training courses straddling nearly 30 industries.

Management Structure

The ERB consists of a governing body comprising representatives of employers, employees, persons connected with vocational training and retraining or manpower planning, and government officials. The Board, currently chaired by Mr. YU Pang-chun, GBS, JP, is responsible for the formulation of policies for ERB's training and services. ERB's policies are implemented by an executive office which is headed by an Executive Director. The present Executive Director is Mr. Byron NG Kwok-keung, BBS.

Service Targets

The ERB extended its service to cover people aged 15 or above with an educational attainment at sub-degree level or below in December 2007. The ERB repositioned itself in mid-2008. Since then, the ERB endeavours to foster the sustainable development of trainees, helps them attain recognised qualifications and map out their progression ladder.

Training Courses

The ERB provides a diverse range of courses, including full-time "Placement-tied Courses" for the unemployed; part-time "Generic Skills Courses" for people from all industries; "Skills Upgrading Courses" with skills enhancement training for employees; and courses for special target groups such as youth training courses for non-engaged young people, courses for persons with disabilities and persons recovered from work injuries, courses for rehabilitated offenders, courses conducted in English for ethnic minorities and courses for new arrivals. The ERB has been actively developing professional certification courses, including industry certification courses, public examination preparation courses, etc., to help trainees move up their professional ladder. The majority of ERB courses are at Qualifications Framework Levels One to Four, which have been accredited by the Hong Kong Council for the Accreditation of Academic and Vocational Qualifications and included in the Qualifications Register.

ERB Service Centre

The ERB has established an ERB Service Centre in Tin Shui Wai. Operating on a district basis, the ERB Service Centre offers diversified self-help and support services, as well as information on courses organised in the respective district, to people with training and employment needs.