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Chairman's Message

The photo of Mr. YU Pang-chun, GBS, JP, Chairman of the Employees Retraining Board

Mr. YU Pang-chun, GBS, JP
Employees Retraining Board

A Three-Decade Journey
Upgrade and Forge Ahead with ERB

2022 marks a new milestone for the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) in entering its 30th anniversary.

In the past three decades, Hong Kong went through its golden era of economic take-off and full employment, as well as hard times of financial turmoils and raging pandemic.  In each and every of these moments, ERB is always committed to its role and upholds the “market-driven and employment-oriented” work principle, to innovating and steering changes, and striving for excellence to go along with the times and needs of the society.

Today, service targets of ERB have covered about 2.3 million Hong Kong people and altogether over 3 million training places have been provided so far.  ERB is currently offering around 700 training courses, straddling 28 industries and generic skills disciplines, providing all-round support to members of the public for upgrading and career development, while at the same time nurturing talents for different industries, and supporting sustainable development of the economy of Hong Kong.

Shrouded by the uncertainties of the pandemic, while Hong Kong’s economy has yet to regain its vitality in the beginning of 2022-23, ERB will size up the prevailing situation to allocate our resources on prioritised tasks.


1. Extending the “Love Upgrading Special Scheme”

To tie in with a series of government measures to support enterprises and safeguard jobs, ERB has launched four phases of the “Love Upgrading Special Scheme” (Special Scheme) since October 2019 to provide suitable training courses in support of the unemployed or underemployed to upgrade their skills for enhancement and employment.  Over 300,000 applications were received for Phase 1 to Phase 4, indicating the immense training need of the general public.  ERB has launched Phase 5 of the Special Scheme in January 2022 till June 2022, continuing to offer an array of special arrangements in order to equip members of the public to rise to challenges in the complex and ever-changing employment market.

2. Sustaining support to special social groups

In the face of economic downturn and surging unemployment rate, social groups with special needs, especially young people and “Post-50” (people aged 50 or above), may encounter greater difficulties in employment.  In 2022-23, ERB will continue to put emphasis on supporting young people and “Post-50” in training and employment, and launch dedicated training courses and special programmes for them, including “Workplace Experience Series for Secondary School Students”, youth online seminars and dedicated activities for young people at the “ERB Service Centre”; expanding the “Post-50 Internship Programme”; co-organising tailor-made courses with employers; and conducting market research on the training needs of “Post-50”, etc.  Meanwhile, we will develop new dedicated training courses for other social groups, including persons with disabilities and persons recovered from work injuries, ex-offenders and rehabilitated ex-drug abusers, etc., with a view to helping them seek employment.


3. Drawing up the blueprint for course development

Hong Kong is facing the challenge of an ageing population, hence ERB will draw up the blueprint for course development pertaining to elderly care services and healthcare services, develop new courses and optimise existing courses in accordance with the results and recommendations of the market research, the “Specifications of Competency Standards” and “Vocational Qualifications Pathway” of the elderly care services industry under the “Qualifications Framework” compiled by the Education Bureau.  Moreover, we will expand the “Modular Certificates Accumulation Scheme” and organise industry thematic workshops, etc., all in all, to nurture more talents for related industries.

ERB has obtained the “Programme Area Accreditation” status in the “Computer Science and Information Technology” sub-area under the Qualifications Framework in 2021-22.  In 2022-23, we will expedite the development of innovation and technology courses to enhance practitioners’ knowledge of relevant technologies and keep them abreast of the trend of digital transformation.

4. Launching online learning arrangement

ERB has stipulated the long-term development plan and roadmap for online learning arrangement, whereas the first phase of the online learning platform that includes online learning management and online teaching system is expected to be launched in the third quarter of 2022-23 for use of training bodies and trainees alike.  By then relevant course management, system support and quality assurance policy will all be in place.

5. Showcasing new image of ERB30

A 30th anniversary logo is rolled out to commemorate our establishment.  With delightful colours and rounded strokes, the ERB30 logo presents a concise, bright and energetic image, symbolising the vitality of ERB in offering diversified training courses and services and standing shoulder to shoulder with Hong Kong people for upgrading and forging ahead together.

In Courage and Strength to Brave the Future

An ancient wisdom saying “One stands firm at thirty”, interpreting that one should become established with regards to personal, career and family development.  To put the context in a broad sense to ERB, to scale new heights in organisational and service development and to fulfill our social mission, is exactly our goal and aspiration as well as our responsibility and pledge when we are turning 30.

Looking back to the past 30 years and leaping forward to the future, ERB will work in tandem with government and collaborate with partners across sectors to seize opportunities as they arise, be bold to explore and dare to innovate, keep abreast with the times and be people-oriented, strengthen corporate governance and enhance efficiency, with a view to accompanying and supporting Hong Kong people in embracing challenges and overcoming difficulties to turn over a new leaf.