Recruiting professional and reliable post-natal care helpers or infant and child care helpers is simple and easy.


To register vacancy through “Smart Baby Care”, employers must accept the terms and conditions of the “Smart Baby Care” service.

On-line Registration

Employers can upload job vacancies for application by helpers anytime after filling in the Vacancy Registration Form.

Telephone Registration

ERB hotline: 182 182 (after selecting language option, press 2 for “Smart Baby Care” and have direct dialogue with staff in charge)

Fax, Mail or In Person Registration
  • Download and send the completed “Smart Baby Care Vacancy Registration Form” to the “Smart Baby Care” office by fax, by mail or in person.
  • Fax Number: 3106 0410
  • Address: Unit 521 & 522, 5/F Citimark, No. 28 Yuen Shun Circuit, Shatin, N.T.
    Office Hours: Monday to Friday 9:00am – 6:00pm
    Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm
    Sunday and Public Holiday Close
  • In view of the high demand for post-natal care service, employers may like to secure the service booking six months before the due date.


  • Employers will receive phone call from “Smart Baby Care” to confirm the registration details one working day after submitting the completed Vacancy Registration Form.
  • The vacancy information will be shown on the “ERB Helper App” for search and application by helpers.
  • When application from the helper is received, the employer will receive SMS / phone call regarding the contact phone number of the helper referred. The employer can contact the helper direct to discuss job details.
  • In case no application is received and under the following circumstances, the employer will receive updates from “Smart Baby Care” as follows:
    No application received Report duty date of the helper Update to the employer
    within 3 working days upon confirmation of registration within one calendar month upon confirmation of registration SMS / phone call to the employer for consideration of revising the working terms
    within 7 working days upon confirmation of registration more than one calendar month upon confirmation of registration
  • Messages of the SMS for reference:
    Smart Baby Care: For your Postnatal Care Helper vacancy placed on 22/02/20, please contact helper Ms. Chan at 9876 5432 to discuss the job details. Enquiry: 3106 0401.
    Smart Baby Care: As of today no application has been received for your Postnatal Care Helper vacancy placed on 22/02/20. Enquiry: 3106 0401.

Selection and Interview

“Smart Baby Care” will refer suitable post-natal care helpers or infant and child care helpers according to the requirements of employers, and arrange interviews accordingly. It is suggested that the interviews be conducted at the workplace (i.e., employer’s home) so that the helpers can understand the actual working environment. “Smart Baby Care” can also provide interview venue free of charge, if necessary.

Signing the Contract

If mutual agreement is reached on the scope of service and terms of employment after interview, it is suggested that a written employment contract be signed immediately to protect the interest of both parties. Employers should use the Sample of Post-natal Care Helper Employment Contract, Sample of Employment Contract (Continuons contract) or Sample of Employment Contract (Part-time work).

Taking out Employees’ Compensation Insurance

Employers should decide on the type of employees' compensation insurance policy, i.e. short or long term insurance policy, for their post-natal care helpers or infant and child care helpers according to the duration of employment. Employers have the sole discretion to choose any insurer regardless of the kind of insurance policy to be taken out.

Short-Term Insurance Policy

To provide convenience for employers, the Employees Retraining Board has made arrangements with designated insurers to enable employers to take out, at their own discretion, the short-term (one-off or two-week) insurance policy for their helpers through the Smart Baby Care.

One-off & Two-weeks Insurance Policy
Long-Term Insurance Policy

There are various long-term insurance policies available in the market. The following information is only for employers' reference and consideration.


Remarks: The ERB and the “Smart Baby Care” are not involved in the transactions between the employers and insurance companies in respect of taking out employees' compensation insurance. Therefore, the ERB, the “Smart Baby Care” and their staff shall refute any liability to the insurance matter made between the employers and insurance companies.