Scope of Service

Smart Helpers can help employers handle the following household chores:


Scope of Service

  Service Items
Living room and bedroom
  • Wipe the furniture and home appliances
  • Clean the gate and door
  • Change bed sheet and quilt cover
  • Clean the balcony
  • Remove stubborn oil sludge on the stove, micro-wave oven and oven
  • Clean the refrigerator
  • Clean the range hood and ventilating fan (for non-detachable models, employers could assist to dissemble the cover and fan to prevent helpers from causing damage in the course of disassembly.)
  • Wash the bathtub, toilet bowl and basin
  • Remove stains and molds on tiles
  • Vacuum clean or sweep the floor
  • Household disinfection
  • Clean the air conditioner filter
  • Wipe windows (according to the occupational safety guidelines, helpers shall not extend their bodies outside the window to clean the window particularly when no window grilles are installed.

Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are to be provided by the employers. Clear instructions on the brand name and price of the products are required if employers would like helpers to help purchase the cleaning supplies. Please reimburse helpers the actual costs incurred. If employers cancel the service after the purchase is made, employers have to pay all the actual costs incurred.

Some common cleaning supplies include:

  • cleaners, glass cleaner, scouring pad, spray bottle, towels, used tooth brush, mop, tools for floor cleaning, T-sharp extendable scrap for window cleaning, stable stool or ladder (for cleaning stuff at high positions), etc.
  • bleach or other disinfectant cleaners, bucket (for use in household disinfection)
  • cleaning gloves

Types of Cleaning Service

Employers can choose between one-off and regular cleaning service depending on their needs.

(1) One-off Cleaning Service

  • For example, cleaning after renovation, Chinese New Year Cleaning
Suggested No. of Helpers and Working Hours (for reference only,
actual numbers depend on the working environment and the job requirements)
Useable Area (sq ft) No. of helpers No. of working hours
300 or below 1 – 2 4
301 - 600 2 – 3 4 – 5
601 - 800 3 5
Over 800 3 or more 5 or more

(2) Regular Cleaning Service

  • Minimum 2 hours per use of service

Doing Laundry & Ironing

In accordance with the employers' instructions, helpers can hand wash or machine wash the laundry, iron the clothing and arrange the clothing in change of seasons.


Scope of Service

If you want to enjoy delicious and healthy dishes at home, helpers who are good at cooking can provide you with the following services:

(1) Prepare simple homely dishes

  • Purchase food ingredients
    • Employers can provide the shopping list.
    • Shopping time is around 30-45 minutes which should be included in the calculation of wages.
  • Prepare the ingredients
  • Cook dishes and make soup

(2)Meal cooking for festivals like Chinese New Year, Mid-Autumn Festival or preparing banquet (mainly Chinese cuisine)

  • Purchase food ingredients
    • Employers can shop with the helpers
    • Employers are advised to buy or provide expensive ingredients.
  • Prepare the ingredients (employers may need to presoak some ingredients)
  • Cook dishes and make soup
  • Tidy up and clean the utensils (washing dishes after meal is not included)
Estimated No. of Working Hours (for reference only)
Shopping time Prepare food ingredients and cook the dishes Portions (No. of persons)
1 hour Around 5 hours 6-8 persons
Around 7 hours 9-12 persons

Remarks: Employer should have related appliances and sufficient cooking utensils.

(3) DIY festive food making

Types of Festive Food:

  • Rice-dumpling (with pork or lye water),
  • Puddings and food for the Chinese New Year (White Turnip Pudding/ Water Chestnut Pudding/ Taro Pudding/ Yellow Bean Pudding/Chinese New Year Pudding/ Crispy Triangles), etc
Reference Information for DIY Festive Food Making
Festive food Portions Ingredients Utensils Working hour required
Can be bought by the helper Recommended to be prepared by the employer
Rice-dumpling 30 pieces of rice-dumpling with pork 3 catties of glutinous rice   Pot (big size), wok 3.5 hours
2 catties of mung beans
2 catties of fresh belly pork
15 preserved egg yolks
straws and bamboo leaves
White Turnip Pudding 2 plates (Approximately 2 catties/ plate) 3 catties of white turnip 1 tael of dried shrimp, 4 pieces of Chinese mushroom, 3 dried scallop, 2 pieces of Chinese sausage or half piece of preserved meat, pepper, sugar, salt, oil, etc 4 aluminum foil plates (medium size), pot (big size), wok, grater 3.5 hours
1 catty of rice flour
Water Chestnut Pudding 2 plates (Approximately 2 catties/ plate) 15 water chestnuts  
1 pack of water chestnut powder (1 lb)
brown sugar

Pet care

Scope of Service

Including: feed the pet, clean the pet, walk the pet, clean the cage etc.

Training the foreign domestic helper to handle the
household chores

Scope of Service

  • Guide the foreign domestic helper to get familiarized with the shopping places in the vicinity of the household
  • Provide training on household cleaning skills
  • Provide training on Chinese homely dishes cooking