Scope of Service

Healthcare massage alleviates muscle fatigue and relieves stress arising out of busy life. For those with prolonged inactivity, massage service can improve blood circulation, relief chronic pain, and bring benefits to health. Smart Living offers the following healthcare massage services to home-based and corporate clients:

  • Foot Reflexology
  • Head to Shoulders Massage
  • Full-body Massage

Smart Living massage services are healthcare in nature and do not aim at providing medical treatment for the clients.

Service Hours

Monday to Sunday and Public Holidays : 9:00am – 10:00pm

Reference Service Fees

  Foot Reflexology Head to Shoulders Massage Full-body Massage
Reference Service Fees
(45 mins/session)
$150 $170 $220
Reference Overtime Charges
(every 15 mins)
$50 $60 $75


  • Each service booking must be 2 sessions (90 mins) or more.
  • Clients should pay the masseurs by cash direct upon completion of service. No tip or surcharge is required.
  • The above service fees are for reference only. The actual service fee may vary with the service requirements, working location and time, which should be mutually agreed between the clients and the masseurs.

Home-based Clients

Registrations are made in the name of individual clients. Clients can enjoy massage services at their homes or office. Masseurs can also provide services to clients at elderly care homes or hospitals, subject to the agreement of the concerned organisation.

Corporate Clients

Registrations are made in the name of the organisations including clubhouses and corporations, etc. The responsible persons of the corporate clients shall assist in coordinating the massage service, including arranging suitable service venue, taking out public liability insurances for the service users and maintaining service records.


By introducing massage service in the clubhouses, the organisations can provide convenient and value-for-money services to the residents and at the same time, diversify the service portfolio of the clubhouses. To facilitate the launching of massage service in clubhouses, the Smart Living - Regional Service Centres can assist in organizing Service Promotion Day to offer trial service for residents.


Massage service at the workplace can be a kind of staff welfare for alleviating work pressures, enhancing work efficiencies and promoting sense of belonging to the company. It can also be offered in promotion activities to attract clients.

The service hours and duration can be flexibly arranged to suit the needs of clients, e.g. during lunch hours or after work for immediate relief of fatigue.

One masseur can serve up to 6 clients in 90 minutes of service.

Duration per session No. of clients
15 minutes 6
30 minutes 3
45 minutes 2
90 minutes 1

Other Organisations

Elderly or rehabilitation centres or residential homes can arrange massage services for their members/residents. Through massage and communication with masseurs, the physical and psychological wellness of the clients can be enhanced.

Notes for Services

  • All registered masseurs provide healthcare massage services in the capacity of a self-employed person. The ERB and the Smart Living - Regional Service Centres are not involved in the transactions between the masseurs and the clients. Hence, the ERB, the Smart Living - Regional Service Centres and their staff do not accept any liability to the service arrangements entered into by the masseurs and clients, including but not limiting to the service contract and the related fees.
  • Masseurs of the same gender as the home-based clients will be referred. Should there be more than one client and they are of different genders, Smart Living - Regional Service Centres will refer basing on the preference of the clients.
  • For full-body massage, masseurs of the same gender as the clients will be referred.
  • Clients are required to read the Smart Living Healthcare Massage Service Notice to Clients & Declaration before the service commences.
  • In the first referral, the responsible Smart Living - Regional Service Centre will provide the client with the masseur's name, contact number and expiry date of his/her Business Registration Certificate. The client may contact the masseur direct for further services in future.
  • Clients may contact the Smart Living - Regional Service Centres again if replacement masseurs are required.