Elderly/Patient Care

Measure the blood pressure and pulse

Instruct the elder to sit in a comfortable position. Place the cuff of the electronic blood pressure monitor neatly at about 1-2 cm above the elbow, with the indicator mark on the cuff over the brachial artery. The position of the cuff of the electronic blood pressure monitor should be at the same level as the heart. Press start button, the arm band will inflate and deflate automatically. Record the measurements of systolic pressure, diastolic pressure and pulse rate as displayed.

Use of Medicine

Always read the label before taking, especially noting the expiry date and any directions for use. Never use expired medicine. Even the symptoms are similar, never take others’ medicine. Medicine should be kept in the drug box and out of reach of children.

Wound Treatment


For minor burns, rinse or soak the wound with cold water. If the area is large, wet a cloth with cold water and cover the wound. Send the injured person to hospital immediately.

Stop bleeding

To stop bleeding from a cut, use direct pressure method by covering and bandaging the wound with dressing and pinching it with your palm. Disinfect and cover the wound with breathable plasters. If the skin is abraded, rinse the wound with tap water. Send the injured person to the hospital if necessary.

Nose bleeding

Sit the injured up with the head slightly leaning forward. Do not lie down or put the head upward. Then forcefully pinch the soft part below his nasal bone. Relax for every 3-5 minutes to check whether the bleeding has stopped.