Registration Procedures

To register for services of the Smart Living, employers must accept the terms and conditions of the Smart Living service.

Home and Care Service


Healthcare Massage Service


Pre-recruitment Considerations

Before registering a vacancy, the employers may make reference to the followings:

Job Nature

Scope of work Factors for consideration Examples
Household cleaning Size of flat / areas to be cleaned Bedroom, living room, toilet, bathroom, kitchen, balcony, rooftop, yard, ceiling, windows and doors, etc.
Job requirements Changing bedclothes, mopping floor and cleaning windows, etc.
Frequency of service Changing bedclothes once a week, cleaning windows once a month, etc.
Washing and ironing Washing methods Hand washing or dry-cleaning of delicate clothes or clothes made of special materials, and separating clothes that are prone to discolouration when washing, etc.
Ironing requirements Quantity of the clothes, ironing methods and points to note.
Preparing meals Frequency and portion of meals Preparing lunch for an adult and a child every day and buying food once a week.
Budget / where to buy / when to buy The expenses are to be disbursed each time or once a week, and additional fees are payable for buying trips necessitating transport, etc.
Job requirements Preparing lunch (2 dishes and 1 soup) , or preparing food ingredients for dinner only.
Care Service targets Number of elders and their health conditions.
Job requirements Feeding, assist in bathing or toileting and escort to clinic, etc.
Others Pet care and plant care, etc.

Skills Required

Relevant work experience For example, helper with relevant experience is more capable of looking after elderly.
Languages Cantonese, Mandarin, English, other dialects.
Special skills Elderly care and gardening, etc.

Note: The lead time for referral may be lengthened if more job skills are required by the employers.

Terms of Employment

Nature Permanent or short-term/ temporary employment.
Mode Part-time, full-time or live-in.
Working hours Number of working sessions per week, working hour per session, etc.
Payment method of wages Wages can be calculated on hourly, daily or monthly basis. Hourly wage is generally used for part-time jobs and monthly wage for full-time jobs.


Home-based Employers / Clients

App Registration (Chinese version only)

Employers can now install the brand new “ERB Home Services” App and register vacancy anytime, anywhere in a quick and more convenient way.

Online Registration

Fill in the Vacancy Registration Form posted on the Smart Living website. Employer will receive a phone call from the “Smart Living – Regional Service Centre” to confirm the registration details one working day after submitting the completed Vacancy Registration Form.

By Phone

Call the ERB hotline on 182 182 or contact a Smart Living - Regional Service Centre direct.

Fax, Mail or In Person

Download Vacancy Registration Form here, or obtain the form from any Smart Living - Regional Service Centres. Please send the completed form to a Regional Service Centre by fax, by mail or in person.

Submission of Address Proof

Regardless of the vacancy registration method, employers who register a vacancy for the first time are required to submit an address proof (e.g. water/electricity/town gas/telephone bills or bank statement) issued within the recent 3 months with name and address identical to the registered name and address of the employer or the contact person.

Organisations (subsidise, sponsor or co-ordinate needy households to receive home or care services)

Organisations are required to provide the information of the service users for registration of vacancies and referrals. Please send the completed Smart Living - Home and Care Services - Organisation Registration Form to the ERB via email or fax.

Corporate Clients (Healthcare Massage Service)

Please send the completed Smart Living - Healthcare Massage Service - Corporate Client Registration Form to the ERB via email or fax.

Follow-up and Job-Matching

All the registered vacancies will be followed up by designated Smart Living – Regional Service Centres. Employers will be notified of the contact phone number of the helper referred or the referral progress by “ERB Home Services” App message, SMS or phone calls from the Smart Living – Regional Service Centre within 3 working days after confirmation of the registration details.

Selection and Interview

The employers are advised to select suitable job-seekers recommended by the Smart Living – Regional Service Centres or the “ERB Home Services” App for interview prior to confirming the job offers. Interviews should as far as possible be conducted at the workplaces (i.e. at home) to give the Helpers an idea of the actual working environments. The Smart Living – Regional Service Centres can provide free interview venues if necessary.

To avoid contravention of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance and the legislation on equal opportunities, employers should collect and handle job seekers' information with care throughout the recruitment process. Short-listing/selection should also be done in a fair manner, based on objective criteria, such as job-seekers' qualifications and skills, in order to ensure fairness and equal employment opportunities. For information about the relevant legislations, please visit the following websites:


If the employer and Helper agree on the job descriptions and terms of employment, including scope of work, working time arrangements, report duty date, wages, fringe benefits, payment method of wages and leave arrangements, etc., the employer should enter into a written employment contract with the Helper. The employer and the helper should each keep a copy of the employment contract so as to protect the rights of both parties and avoid unnecessary conflicts and disputes. However, if any terms of the employment contract terminate or diminish the rights, benefits or protection conferred to employees by the Employment Ordinance such terms would not be enforceable. For employment contract, please refer to the sample employment contract provided in the website of the Labour Department.

Under the Employees’ Compensation Ordinance, all employers are required to take out employees' compensation insurance for their employees.