Service Code


Be courteous and friendly. Greet and introduce yourself proactively and politely. Turn your mobile phones to "Mute / Vibrating" mode when working.


Report duty on time. Never miss an appointment, report late or leave early. You have to notify the employer immediately if for any reason you are unable to report duty on time or have to leave early because of overriding commitments or take leave due to sickness.

Dress Code

Keep your appearance tidy and clean. Do not wear too many accessories or sexy clothes. Avoid heavy make-up.

Professional Conduct

  • Never do anything unrelated to your duties regardless whether your employer is at home, e.g. gambling, knitting, smoking, drinking, sleeping, watching TV or listening to radio.
  • Never shout and speak foul languages whlist you are on duty.
  • Never use employers’ belongings for your private purposes, e.g. video recorders, tape recorders.
  • Never disclose your employers’ confidential or personal information.
  • Make a purchasing list and keep all receipts to avoid any disputes. Never derive any personal interests from these transactions.
  • Never ask for or imply for tips.
  • Be careful and take care of the household and electrical appliances of your employer and his/her family members when cleaning the house.
  • Be honest, admit and apologize to employers for any mistake.
  • Prepare yourselves to learn new skills for upgrading.

Establish good relationship and communications

  • Listen patiently to your employer’s requests; provide timely and suitable services to your employer and help him/her resolve any problems in relation to household chores proactively.
  • Finish your duties within the stipulated timetable as far as possible, and report work progress to your employer.
  • Respect the directions and expectations of your employer. Discuss with your employer frankly should there be any safety concerns or unreasonable expectations.
  • Work with flexibility.

Inclement weather

If the Black Rainstorm Signal has been issued or Typhoon Signal No.8 or above has been hoisted, you should contact your employer proactively to reschedule the appointment.

Service Termination

Any nuisances or disruptive behaviors including but not limited to using foul language, making threats, making abusive remarks, sending unwanted marketing information, sending disturbing messages or images to RSCs staff or employers are not accepted. ERB and RSCs reserve the right to terminate the service to you.