About Smart Living

The "Smart Living" Scheme administered by the Employees Retraining Board (ERB) is a one-stop free referral platform for domestic services with an extensive network and rich experience. Through the “Smart Living” Scheme, employers can recruit professional and reliable “Smart Helpers” to provide domestic, care and massage service, while graduates of the ERB related courses can enhance employment opportunities and expand their employer networks.

The concept of Smart Living is originated from "LOHAS - Life styles of Health and Sustainability". Smart Living caters for those people who care about health, living, environment and sustainable development. Through the professional services provided by Smart Living, you and your family can enjoy a blissful life.

To tie in the market development of domestic services, ERB launched the “ERB Helper App” mobile application in March 2020, helpers of Smart Living can register to use for job application and matching directly. Furthermore, ERB launched the “ERB Home Services” mobile application in November 2021 for employer users to register vacancies, receive the matching list and check the referral progress, etc. via online, further improving the referral efficiency and service quality.