Household Cleaning

Blackening around the edges of washing basin

Place a cotton pad soaked with diluted household bleach on the blackened area and wait for 2-3 hours until the black colour disappears. Rinse with water

Dust on the ceiling

Clean the ceiling with a mop covered with dust removal paper. Work from the centre outwards to the edges. Noticeable stains can be removed by rubbing the surface gently with fine sandpaper. Do not wipe with a damp cloth as this will leave stains.

Chewing gum on carpet

Place some ice cubes in a plastic bag and put the bag over the chewing gum to make it hardened. Remove the chewing gum and clean the carpet with dry-cleaning detergent.

Marks on carpet

Heavy objects leave marks on carpets after some time. Brush the affected area with a soft brush and warm water. The carpet will be resumed to its pristine conditions.

Unpleasant odour in microwave ovens

Place a few spoonfuls of lemon juice into a glass of water and heat it for five minutes. Wipe the oven with a dry cloth.

Rangehood filters

Cover the filter with a piece of cling wrap after cleaning. Simply change the wrap without any need to clean the filter afterwards.

Home Appliance Safety

Electricity failure

In case of a blackout, switch off all electrical appliances to prevent them from starting concurrently when the power supply resumes.

Extension units/plugs/adaptors

Do not use cracked extension units/plugs/adaptors, or those with signs of overheating (e.g. discolouration, charring or deformation), or with loose parts.

TV sets/AV products

Disconnect the electricity supply if the TV set/AV product will not be used for a long period of time. Avoid switching them off with the remote control as this will leave the appliance in the standby mode, increasing electricity consumption and fire hazards.

Tumble dryers

Do not use tumble dryers to dry clothes containing down, sponge, latex, rubber or wax in order to avoid accidents caused by overheating.

Electric water heaters

Switch off electric water heaters after use. If steam is discharged from the shower, switch off the water heater immediately and have it inspected by a qualified technician.


Stop using a fan and have it inspected by a qualified technician if there is any abnormality in operation, e.g. difficulty in switching on, noisy operations or signs of overheating.