Scope of Service

Ageing population and rising demand for medical and care services, all contribute towards the increasing demand for community and home-based health-care services. Smart Helpers can help shoulder part of the workload of the employers in the following areas:

  • Elderly Care
  • Escort for Out-patient
  • Elderly/Patient Care

Elderly/Patient Care

Scope of Service

Smart Helper can provide the following services at the home of the elderly/patient, or in the elderly home/hospital with consent of the respective authority:

  • Personal Care
    personal hygiene (assist in bathing, shampooing, handling incontinence, etc), feeding, and assist in handling personal matters (such as shopping, delivery, accompany for daily activities and escort to attend medical appointments, etc.)
  • Health Care
    measuring vital signs (key signs observation, measurement of body temperature, pulse rate, respiratory rate and blood pressure, etc.), test on blood glucose and urine, and care of wounds.
  • Lifting
    safe lifting and transfer (assist transferring from bed to wheel chair, sitting on bed side, etc).

As Smart Helpers are not registered healthcare professionals, the following services will not be provided for the safety of both the Smart Helpers and the service users :

  • Injection, blood drawing, phlegm pumping, insertion and replacement of feeding/ urine/ stomach pipes, etc
  • Operation of medical equipment
  • Recommendation on medication, etc.

If the elderly/patient is in good health condition and only requires companionship and/or assistance in household cleaning or cooking, employers may consider recruiting Smart Helpers providing home service.