Preventive Measures

With a view to safeguarding the health of employers and “Smart Helpers”, and minimizing the spread of infectious disease, operators of “Smart Living” will confirm the health conditions and travel records of the employers and “Smart Helpers” when making the referral, and also remind them to implement the following measures on the service day.


  1. Measure body temperature of the helper before she enters the unit.
  2. Persons in the unit should wear face masks at all times during the service.
  3. Provide a place for the helper to keep personal belongings and change work clothing.
  4. Provide disposable slippers and gloves for the helper.
  5. Provide adequate towels and cleaning utensils.
  6. Maintain good indoor ventilation.

Smart Helpers

  1. Measure body temperature daily before going to work.
  2. Bring along sufficient personal protective equipment (e.g. face mask, hand sanitizer, gloves, etc.).
  3. Perform hand hygiene before entering the unit.
  4. Put on clean working clothes and shoes when entered the unit.
  5. Wear a face mask at all times when working.
  6. Repeat hand hygiene and change clothing before leaving work.